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Kalipso Studio v4.1 update 181210 - Release Note

Kalipso Studio v4.1 update 181210 - Release Note
Due to some technical issue, the released notes related to the update from 2018/12/10 are not appearing in the Designer. This issue will be fixed in the next update.

Meanwhile, you can see the details about this update here:

New features.

  • Added support for DataMatrix Rectangular and EAN 128 barcodes in "Draw Barcode" Action and Reports.

Kalipso Designer was updated.

  • Fixed issue when expanding items in the Libraries tree. All child items in tthe expanded branch would get duplicated on the tree.
  • Added support for white space characters in both Sideloading and Store "Mobile Provisioning Profile" file.
  • Update APK deployment to comply with Android's policy change when sending SMS.

KClient was updated.

  • Modified SendSMS action in Android to use Intents so it does not require permissions, and Designer no longer adds SMS_Send permission to Android manifest, to comply with the latest Google Play Policies.
  • Fixed bug in Android "Get Battery Status", the battery charge status flag was being determined incorrectly.
  • Fixed issue in Android device with physical keys, it was triggering in some cases incorrect Table control selections.
  • Fixed issue in Win10 client created in the previous release that could cause SelectionChanged in Loopers to be triggered by a "Looper Add Line".
  • Fixed bug in synchronization with KDriver in iOS that could cause transferred files to have incorrect field separator character.

MIS Communicator was updated.

  • Changed "MISCommunicatorInterface.exe" to open existing instance window instead of giving an error for "already running".

Help System was updated.