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RFID features available for Android in Zebra Devices

RFID features available for Android in Zebra Devices
The RFID features already available in Kalipso Studio for Windows in the past are now also available for Android devices like Zebra RD8500 (illustrated in the picture).

It is now possible to use Android devices for RFID projects if connected to a Zebra RFID device.

Apart from it, other changes were made:

  • Added a new option in the Project Tree popup menu to Refresh a Form in the Tree.
  • Added Project information to the details of the generated executable.
  • Added ability to retrieve "Project Version" and "Database Version" from current and linked Projects through "Get Project Param" Action.
  • Fixed issue when changing Grid Settings. New settings weren't being applied to already open Forms.
  • Fixed issue when trying to redefine the space through the splitters in the Form's properties window.
  • Fixed issue when displaying a Database Table's Columns in the "File Export from Table" wizard. The columns weren't being displayed in the same order as they were defined in the database.
  • When pasting a Form on an empty Project, Kalipso wasn't setting it as "First Form".           
  • Fixed issue when deleting an unexistent Control from the "Set Property" Action control's list.
  • Fixed issue when trying to Browse Data on PDA. It would always return an error.
  • Fixed issue when displaying the Actions of a closed Form by double-clicking the Trace window.
  • Fixed refresh issue in Project Tree after accessing a Form's Local Variables from a Control's Properties Window.
  • Fixed issue when reassigning Variables. In some special cases, not all occurrences were being updated.
  • Fixed issue in Win10 clients, the linked Variables on Combo-Boxes would only get updated after the second selection.
  • Fixed issue in Android, the application would crash if using Labels with "Text Wrap" enabled and "Font Size" set to zero.
  • Fixed some scrolling issues with Loopers on Android when using "Set Selection" Action.
  • Fixed issue when using Shapes with different colors in Loopers on Android.
  • Fixed issue filling Table Controls with "Automatic Calculation". In some specific cases, it would make the app to crash.
  • Fixed issue in Simulator's Trace showing the names of Temporary Variables when executing Action Sets with input parameters. It would show the name of the calling Action Set and not the called Action Set.
  • "Row Height" in Table Control on Win10 client was not being determined correctly.
  • Fixed some issues with Looper scroll on Win32 client, it could incorrectly position Controls in some cases.
  • Added better support for very large images in "Resize Image" and "Get Image Dimensions" on Windows CE/Mobile.
  • Table Control Columns with round value specified where always using the "Add Right Zeros" parameter on Android and Win10.
  • Added support for "Delete" on "HTTP Request" with the body, in Android and Win10 clients.
  • Updated Honeywell Android devices SDK to version so that the API uses the barcode profile for configurations. In previous versions, the configuration profiles where ignored and internal defaults where used.
  • Fixed issue in Win32 clients on "Set Property" for "Height". In some cases, it would increase the height by the specified value instead of setting the height.
  • "Table Set Column Width" in Win10 client was not correctly calculating the header size.
  • An adjustment made to Win10 client Table Control when showing horizontal scrollbar so it does not cover the bottom content.
  • Fixed issue in "Cipherlab Barcode Scan" function on Android. If this function would timeout, it would let the scanner disabled even if it was previously enabled.
  • Fixed issue with "Get Selection" on Table Control in Win32 clients when called immediately after a "Refresh Control" + "Set Selection". It would not return the selected index.