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Sysdev Mobile is proud to announce that the new version of Kalipso Studio (v4.1) is now available, and the development of iOS mobile apps is finally possible.The new features included in Kalipso...
Sysdev is proud to announce that starting from the 3rd of May, Geovanny Olivo will start working with us as sales director for Latin America.Geovanny will work closely with customers from South...
The RFID features already available in Kalipso Studio for Windows in the past are now also available for Android devices like Zebra RD8500 (illustrated in the picture).It is now possible to use...
Kalipso Studio is now represented on Denso's website.Denso is a member of Toyota Group, it is one of Japan’s largest corporate groups. Its subsidiary, DENSO WAVE, is among the world’s biggest...