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Kalipso Studio v4.1 Now Available

Kalipso Studio v4.1 Now Available
Sysdev Mobile is proud to announce that the new version of Kalipso Studio (v4.1) is now available, and the development of iOS mobile apps is finally possible.

The new features included in Kalipso v4.1 are:

- iOS Client;
- Improved report editor;
- Flatcombobox on Android when it is configured without border like the other clients;
- Uses image files with orientation information on metadata.

If the previous version (v4.0) was available for Android, Windows CE, Windows Mobile and Windows 10, the new version (v4.1) explores a new Operative System, allowing all the Kalipso users to build its own apps to iOS as well.

The very close relationship with partners and users allowed all of this to happen. We would like to thank Kalipso users and their feedback about the beta-version, Just like this we were able to build a stable version, taking in consideration Apple specifications for mobile applications.

The iOS possibility elucidates how the platform focuses on a multi-OS concept but also unlocks new prospects and chances of creating great projects to run in an OS completely different from all the ones previously available.

It is now possible to build a project and then, with adaptations based on each OS, deploy the very same project for Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Windows CE, and Windows 10. This is the big purpose of Kalipso: to cut development time and, consequently, reduce costs and improve profits.