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Project Properties - Advanced

You can customize and protect your Project simply by checking a few Options. Please revise them because they directly influence the execution of your Project once deployed.

Advanced Settings

MIS Product Code
This is the product code used by Kalipso to identify to MISCommunicator. In MISCommunicator this is defined under the "Products" button.

Keywords Scope

  • “Global” it means that this keywords work has global variables, their value is equal in all project.
  • “Event” it means that this keywords work has temporary variables, their value is only valid for the event that is running. If for example an ActionSet is called this keyword will have their own value inside the action set that is running.

Preload Control's Images in Memory
“Does what it says”

The pre-loading will be executed when the Form is open. If checked, this option will slow down the opening of the Form and will have a higher cost of memory but the display of images in the Controls will be faster.

Manage Key Event On
When defining a Key Event, that Key event can be triggered either at Key Down or Key Up.

With this parameter, you can define if you want the Key Events to be triggered when the key is pressed, released or both. Notice that if defined both "Key Down" and "Key Up", each Key Event will be triggered twice for each keystroke.

Android code execution mode
In Android, if a specific set of code is executed in the user interface thread for longer than 4 or 5 seconds, a message will appear to the user saying the application is "non-responsive" (ANR) and it allows the user to kill the application.

The advantage of "Background Thread" mode is that the "ANR" message will never appear to the user, but if the application makes a lot of changes to the user interface in the code, it can be slower.
For application that doesn't have code running for long periods of time, the "User Interface Thread" mode is normally preferred, and if a specific function requires a lot of time to execute it can still be executed in a background thread by specifying "Thread Mode" = Yes in the "Execute Action Set" actions.

Enable Push Notifications
Allows you to enable your application to receive Push Notifications

A push notification is a message that pops up on a mobile device. App publishers can send them at any time; users don't have to be in the app or using their devices to receive them.

In order to use Push Notifications in your application, you need to register it in Google. Upon that process is completed, you're able to download a JSON file with your Android Sender ID and Android Google App ID.

Android Sender ID
This value is provided to you by Google upon setting up your account

You can use "Load from googleservices.json" button to load it automatically if you have access to the file.

Android Google App ID
This value is provided to you by Google upon registering your app for push notifications

You can use "Load from googleservices.json" button to load it automatically if you have access to the file.

Save messages when application is not active
When your application is closed, you cannot intercept push notifications. Nonetheless, when you activate this option, lost messages are stored and you can access them when the application runs again through "Push Notification Get Lost Message" Action.

Send Notification
For test purposes, you're able to send a Push Notification to your application, if running through KClient.

Use TTS(Text To Speech)
Activates the Text To Speech

Use ASR(Automatic Speech Recognition)
Activates the Automatic Speech Recognition