Create your own Mobile Application

With Kalipso Studio you will be able to create every mobile application you need, for all the business activities such as: Distribution, Manufacturing, Logistics, Construction, and Utilities, Warehouse management, Sales Force, Healthcare, Retail, Field Mobility, and many more, where you can find some examples.

Field Mobility

Mobile App for Technical services

Technical services, sales teams, outdoor assistance, can all have their work made easier if they are provided with mobile data direct from their office which boosts their level of customer service. Kalipso is able to provide all the information they would require to accomplish their task much more quickly and efficiently. With Kalipso it is very easy to adapt any application to suit the changes required by the business need: Digital catalogues, Contact manager, Dashboards, Technical services.


Mobile Apps for Warehouse

Warehouse management could become a flawless activity by using Kalipso to automate and organize the process, thus saving time, duplication, improving accuracy and efficiency, using the mobile device for applications such as: Barcode scanning, Data capture, Inventory, Goods In/out, Picking,Stock checking


Mobile Appa for Transport

Mobility is essential with transport, and moving goods around the world is getting even more important than ever. Kalipso allows you to create mobile applications to track your goods which gives total control of all of your logistics, providing you with real time data. Mobile applications include:Tracking, Proof of delivery, Route accounting


Mobile Apps for Manufacturing

Manufacturing is one industry in particular that receives a substantial benefit from Mobile applications: productivity, efficiency, collaboration, ease of information access and real time decision making. With Kalipso your business processes can be simplified, by creating a reliable system of accurate data, easy to collect, accessible in real-time, on-demand. Kalipso applications fits across all the manufacturing value chain: plan-source-make-sell.


Mobile Apps for Retail

Most retail businesses can benefit greatly from mobile applications such as queue busting, shopping lists, stock management, price checking, etc. Whether providing these applications on a PDA or tablet, Kalipso is the tool to use. Whether your customer requires barcode scanning, RF ID, credit card or price mark down labels, all are supported within the extensive feature set by Kalipso. Increasingly Android tablets are being used for point of sale applications, with Kalipso you use the same code regardless of the platform, meaning you don’t need to learn Windows, Android, etc.; just Kalipso.


Mobile Apps for Sales

Mobile sales application enables sales teams to respond faster, present more effectively, monitor deals, and sell more from any device. Kalipso applications improve sales performance by speeding up all the sales process: CRM, pre-sales planning, order management, invoicing, online catalogue, post sales follow-up, etc. With Kalipso you can create the best costumer experience and easily reach your sales goals with more effective mobile selling.



Having in mind patient safety and care, Kalipso Studio will allow you to create mobile applications that could improve the work of the healthcare professional.  Accuracy is of paramount importance when dealing with health matters, so it is therefore very important that all records are available to the right people at the right time.  Mobile data is the obvious solution and using Kalipso it can be provided to the healthcare professional both inside and outside the healthcare facility.  As with government applications, confidentiality is very important in healthcare.  Kalipso provides full data encryption.